With transparency at the center of everything we do, we want to be an organization that serves both the poorest of the poor in developing countries and the donors who wish to help them. Our model is based upon our mission to bring clean water to those who need it most and, in the process, to connect the donors to the communities they are helping.

Partnerships on the Ground

We work in partnership with local organizations in the countries we operate. These organizations are staffed with experts in water development and know the communities they serve better than anyone. Our partners help us determine the scope and depth of the water need, and we work closely with them to determine how many water projects will be needed in each area. Through our partners, we are able to layout a long-term plan for bringing clean, safe and sustainable water to Africa.

While we are working with our partners on the ground, we are also working with groups and individuals at home and abroad who wish to join the cause. Our sponsors, donors and supporters at home are the ones who make this work possible.

Sponsorship - Connecting People With People

Sponsorship is central to our fundraising model. A sponsor is any individual or group who donates or fundraises for the full $5,000 cost of a water well. Sponsors are responsible for the construction of complete water projects, and we want to make sure they know how much of a difference they make in the lives of people who need water. 

Like all other donors who give or raise more than $1,000, 100% of sponsor money goes directly to water projects in the field. Sponsors worked hard to raise the full cost of a well, and we want to make sure all of that money goes to the water project. We also provide GPS coordinates from the water project and photos from the community.

General Donations - Growth and Operations

While sponsorship is a major part of our work, our smaller and general donations help support our mission to bring clean water to others in a variety of ways. General donations are gifts less than $1000 and are not part of a larger sponsorship campaign. These gifts are directed to our growth and our operations costs - two things that are very important to continue to serve those who need us most.

The first thing general donations fund is the expansion of our work into new places. Currently, we are working to continue developing partnerships with organizations in Uganda and Tanzania. We are so excited to be able to start bringing clean water to these countries and your donations are making this possible. We would not be able to expand unless our friends and donors supported our fundraising efforts and our programmatic expansion work.

Secondly, general donations helps us continue operating. Keeping the lights on and the servers humming while we work with our partners, plan fundraisers, review proposals, construct budgets and update our donors is extremely important. Every donation to our general fund plays a major role in helping us continue do what we do.

Water Angels

To help us fund our operations and our growth, we have a very special group of people called "Water Angels" who play an important role in keeping the organization moving forward. You can read about our Water Angels HERE.